CUSTOM SIZED Big & Tall Kokatat Legacy Drysuit


Custom Sized Big and Tall sizes in stock!

Lengthened (Tall Sized) suits have the Body Lengthened 2" (Torso and Rise Lengthened 2" total which equals 4" on the "girth" measurement) to fit long, lean men. If you are within an inch of the Height limit of a given size suit but good in all other dimensions then our Tall size suit will be your best fitting dry suit. Kokatat suits already have some extra length built into the sleeves and legs so most tall men don't need to make adjustments there.

Shortened (Big Sized) suits have the Sleeves Shortened 2" and Inseam (Legs) Shortened 3" to fit stout men with somewhat shorter than average limbs. e.g. If your height is right for a Large size suit but your waist or weight makes you an XL then our shortened XL will be your best fitting suit.

The above custom sizing combinations are the most popular and make your dry suit fit the way it's supposed to. Note if all you need is Custom Sock sizing we offer that option in our standard sized suit product listing.

If we are out of your size of Custom Sized suits, call us to place an order.

The men's Kokatat Legacy dry suit is a Gore-Tex® PRO Front Entry dry suit with Gore-Tex® PRO Dry Socks and a Relief Zipper. The Legacy replaced the "Gore Front Entry" drysuit and is the new standard of Kokatat's men's dry suit line. It's ideal for most sea kayaking, canoeing, and sailing, rafting, kite-boarding, sail boarding, rowing, and many other water sports. Most of Kokatat's dry suit options (i.e. Pockets, Reflective Tape, Internal Suspenders) can be added to a Legacy and we can help you order a custom sized Legacy dry suit with the feature(s) you need. It comes in Men's and Women's styles; we have separate descriptions for each. This page is about the Men's Kokatat Legacy drysuit.

Note: we stock L and XL Legacy suits with custom sized socks so you can have a choice of Medium or Large dry-socks on Large and XL size suits. These custom suits are the same price as the standard suits and you can order them here by selecting the sock size from the menu.


The Kokatat Legacy dry suits have: a front entry zipper that runs diagonally across the chest of the suit, making it easy to get in and out of (as opposed to dry suits with rear entry shoulder zippers that require teamwork to get in and out of without breaking the zipper), latex neck and wrist gaskets, neoprene "punch through" neck covers (no more Velcro tab to chafe against your neck) and neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs with "hook & loop" adjustable tab closures to keep gravel out of your booties -- all included standard. Additionally, it comes with a Relief Zipper (for speed and convenience when nature calls), Gore-Tex Pro® Dry Socks, and zipper covers over both the entry zipper and relief zip to protect the zippers. With a basic dry suit, the hardest part of suiting up is bending over and stretching the ankle gasket over your heel, but if your suit has Dry Socks as the Legacy drysuit does, then the drysuit won't have any nasty ankle gaskets! So, in addition to being more comfortable because your feet are warmer and dry, a dry suit with Dry Socks is much easier to step in and out of.

Kokatat has four sizes of dry-socks, but they use the Medium size sock (for shoe size 9 - 11) on all but their Small and XXL size suits. We find a lot of men who wear a size Large suit and most who wear a size XL need the Large sock (for shoe size 11.5 to 15). So on our best selling dry suits like the Legacy we stock suits with custom sized socks so you can have a choice of Medium or Large dry-socks on Large and XL size suits. These custom suits are the same price as the standard suits and you can order them here by selecting the sock size from the menu. Another reason to buy your dry suit from K.A.

If you can't afford a Legacy, the next best drysuit is the Kokatat Hydrus 3-Layer Swift Entry suit with Relief Zipper and Dry Socks. It costs less than any other waterproof/breathable dry suit like it. If you aren't planning to use the suit for doing a lot of rolling in a kayak, then the Legacy is your best value. However, for white-water kayaking (in a hard-shell kayak) you'll want a dry suits with an overskirt, see our selection of Kokatat's: Hydrus 3L Meridian, Gore-Tex® PRO Meridian, and Gore-Tex® PRO Odyssey dry suits. Sea kayakers who practice lots of rolls appreciate an overskirt too, but most sea kayakers don't find the overskirt worth the extra money.


  • Made of 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro® (much tougher than the Gore-Tex used for rain-gear)
  • Nylon waterproof front entry and relief zippers (heavy duty plastic) waterproof to more than 20 feet.
  • Men's Sizes:
    • S (Size Small available by special order)
    • M-XXL
    • L-King (L-King is the height of a Men's Large but its 58" chest and waist is greater than that of an XXL) 

NO SALES TAX if shipped outside WA state

FREE UPS Ground Shipping (48 US states, Priority Mail AK and HI, $50 postage for Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland)

FREE KA Drysuit Care Kit included with this suit (KA Drysuit Owner/Maintenance Guide, Zipper Lube, 303 Protectant gasket lube, and Synthetic Fabric Soap and KA Washing Instructions)

To learn more about ordering a custom fitted dry suit or one with your choice of Kokatat's dry suit Options, see our Dry Suit Option page.

If needed, we can help you order a custom sized Kokatat drysuit; contact us if you have questions about the fit.

Men's Kokatat Drysuit Sizing Table

CUSTOM SIZED Big & Tall Kokatat Legacy Drysuit

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