Kajak Sport Oval Original Rubber Hatch Cover (2 sizes)

Kajak Sport Oval Original Rubber Hatch Cover (2 sizes)

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Kajak-Sport original hatch cover series is made of real rubber. This model is the only style Kajak-Sport recommends for roto-molded PE kayaks, and it is the most universal as it also works on composite (i.e. fiberglass) kayaks and thermo-formed kayaks. This is Kayak Sport's driest hatch cover solution and is created for the most demanding "expedition" use, when the cover is used in rough conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential.

Kayak brands that use Kajak-Sport hatches include: P&H, TideRace, CD, Eddyline, NDK (except the day hatch which uses a Valley cover), Tahe, Rebel, Zegul, Rockpool, and late model fiberglass WS Tempests Pro and Zephyr Pro. These hatch covers do NOT fit Valley, Necky, or Impex kayaks -- see our Valley Hatch Cover items for these.

Narrow Oval: Kayak Sport 17.5" x 10" (44cm x 26cm) inside dimensions Narrow Oval Rubber Hatch Cover (the lid only - no rim). All Tide Race kayaks with an oval hatch use this size cover.
KS Item: 302410

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Narrow Oval OXIDIZED: Same as above except we found some old inventory in a box and these covers have some white oxidization on them that can't be cleaned up. They look old but still work fine. Will probably last ten years or more if you don't loose them first.
KS Item: 302410

Wide Oval: Kayak Sport 16.5" x 11.75" (42cm x 30cm) inside dimensions Wide Oval Rubber Hatch Cover (the lid only - no rim). This hatch cover is commonly found on WS, Fiberglass Tempest Pro, Zephyr Pro and Tsunami Pro, CD Squamish and Scirroco. Valley Fiberglass Sirona and Fiberglass Gemini.
KS Item: 302210

Tip: Whenever a rubber hatch cover is difficult to open or close, wipe a little 303 Protectant on the inside lip of the lid and the outside rim of the hatch on the kayak. This will make it much easier. Also about twice a year it is good to smear 303 on the outside of the cover as a UV block to extend the life of the lid.