Valley Hatch Cover VCP Oval Lid

Valley Hatch Cover VCP Oval Lid

$ 88.95 USD

Valley Oval Hatch Covers (aka VCP Oval hatch lid) need periodic replacement. Valley has three sizes of Oval hatch covers. The Standard Oval is the most common oval hatch cover; it has been around since the 1990's. The hatch rim's outside dimensions are 17.25" x 10". The nominal dimensions for the inside opening of the hatch rim are about 16.2"x9". This hatch lid is used on many brands of kayaks in addition to Valley kayaks (in particular, it fits Necky Kayaks, Impex Kayaks, Nigel Forster kayaks with oval rubber hatches). It is most commonly used as a stern hatch but sometimes as an oval bow hatch too. The Standard Oval hatch cover works on both composite and roto-molded PE kayaks with this size hatch. This item is the replacement hatch lid only not the kit with the rim for building a kayak.

There are two other styles of the Valley Oval hatch covers. The Wide Oval is for certain newer models of Valley Composite (glass) kayaks which have a separate molded black plastic hatch rim. These are used on composite Valley Gemini and Sirona kayaks. The Nearly Round Oval cover looks round until you stare at it. The Nearly Round Oval hatch cover is for certain roto-molded polyethylene kayaks where the hatch rim is just molded into the shape of the deck not a separate piece. These are used on Valley RM Gemini PE, RM Sirona PE, Northshore Atlantic RM and NorthShore RM Aspect PE.

Kajak Sport substitute hatch covers for Valley hatches:

In recent years Kayak Sport has started making their Original Rubber style hatch covers in sizes to fit some of the Valley hatch rims. For Valley Oval Hatches Covers Kajak Sport now has replacements for two of the three sizes of Valley Oval Covers: the Standard Oval and the Nearly Round Oval. We've stopped selling the KS Nearly Round Oval cover as there have been too many kayaks that it should have fit but didn't. These covers will NOT fit on kayaks that came with Kayak Sport Hatches - see our other Kayak Sport Hatch Cover product pages for those kayaks. Valley hatch covers are made of polyurethane and float. Kayak Sport Original Rubber hatch covers are made of natural rubber (latex) which sinks. Some people prefer the KS brand hatch covers as they tend to hold up longer to UV sunlight, but since the material and design is different we can not guarantee the fit or function of these hatch covers on a kayak that came with Valley hatches. Use at your own risk. If you want the same level of waterproof and security as the kayak came with then buy the OEM Valley brand hatch cover.


All rubber hatch covers wear out from exposure to the sun (UV). Depending where you live and how you store your kayak (i.e. indoors or outside, covered or exposed, upside down or right-side up) it is common to need to replace the hatch cover every three to ten years. If you store your kayak outdoors, a boat cover may pay for itself in terms of hatch lids alone (and a kayak cover will reduce fading and weakening of the rest of the kayak too).

Tip: Coat the outside of your rubber hatch covers at least once a year with 303 Protectant to extend their life. 303 blocks the sun's UV rays. Put a thin smear of 303 on the inside of the hatch cover's seal and the lip of the hatch rim to make the hatch cover slip on more easily. Lubricating the hatch whenever it feels hard to close helps protect your kayak from cracking around the hatch rim from excess pressure while closing hatch lid. However, be careful not to over do it with the lubricant or else your hatch cover may come off too easily.

Cheat sheet:

  • Std. oval fits:
    • All Valley Kayak composite kayaks with oval hatch except Gemini and Sirona
    • All Impex and Necky kayaks with an oval rubber hatch covers
  • Wide oval fits:
    • Valley composite Gemini and Sirona rear hatches
  • Nearly Round oval fits:
    • Valley RM Gemini PE rear hatch
    • Valley RM Sirona PE rear hatch
    • NorthShore RM Aspect PE rear hatch
    • NorthShore RM Atlantic PE rear hatch

Please call if you are unsure which hatch cover is needed for your kayak hatch.