Bear Vault Clear Bear Resistant Food Containers

Bear Vault Clear Bear Resistant Food Containers

$ 73.50 USD

The Bear Vault is the answer to where to store your food when there are crows, ravens, raccoons, fox, mice, and yes even bears. The diameter is the smallest rigid bear resistant food container made (any smaller and bears could get their jaws around it to break it open), and it fits in most expedition sea kayaks with 10" round or oval bow hatches (e.g. WS Tempests, Explorer, Etain) or oval rear hatches (both VCP and Kayak Sport oval hatches). Besides protecting your food from critters, it protects your kayak from spills of sticky, smelly food that could attract animals even when your food is out of the boat, and it helps keep your food free of sand while at camp. We started using the Bear Vault because of trips in bear country, but then found it is such a convenient way to packing food and keep other critters from getting our food that now we use them on our camping trips whether or not we are in bear country.

The box also doubles as a seat at camp, and that is handy when you are cooking on the ground. Although not waterproof (unless you wrap tape around it or put it in a dry bag), when stored right side up the BV will protect your food from rain. You could also line it with a plastic bag to keep your food dry.

Bear Vault makes these containers in four heights. All have the same diameter. We only sell the smaller two sizes as they are the best for most sea kayaks. The BV 425 Sprint will fit in vertically in "low volume" (small person) kayaks with a 10" bow hatch. and the BV 450 Juant will fit in most other sea kayaks.

BV 425 305cu in/ 1.3gal, 1lb 12oz, 6" Tall x 8.7" Dia.

BV 450 440cu in/ 1.9gal, 2lb 1oz, 8.3" Tall x 8.7" Dia.