Stohlquist Fingerless Sun Gloves, paddling gloves

Stohlquist Fingerless Sun Gloves, paddling gloves

$ 11.95 USD

Stohlquist Fingerless Sun Glove are among the thinnest, lightest, and least expensive paddling gloves on the market, and they are more comfortable and grip paddles and oars better than other similar gloves we've tried! The thin single layer of Polysuede on the palm and thumb protect your hands from blisters while the Lycra® on the back of the glove protects your hands from UV rays without making your hands feel hotter. They dry fast, but they grip even better when wet than they do when dry (which isn't a bad thing for kayaking).

Tip: Try them as liners inside your neoprene gloves or poogie mitts to prevent chaffing of the knuckles on the back of your hands, add a little extra warmth, and make neoprene gloves easier to slide on and off.

The one bad thing about these gloves is the stitching around the wrist cuff generally pops the first time you put them on, but the wrist cuff is not the important part of the product so if you can overlook that, they'll keep functioning for a whole season or more. And at this price, that's darn cheap protection. If you are the type that can't stand the thought of the cuff coming unstitched, we recommend the Stohlquist Barnacle Fingerless Gloves which hold up well and have better grip on paddles than anything else that is as durable.

Sun Gloves run true to size, but due to the stretchy materials the XL can fit nearly an XXL hand.

Size: XS-XL

Color: Silver/Gray