River Kayaking Course List & Short Descriptions

The following are short descriptions of our river kayak courses. Click the blue course number links for details on what is taught, what gear is included, prerequisites, tuition fees and schedules for each individual kayak course.


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River Kayaking Courses

RK 101 River Kayaking Basics
Whether you've never been in a kayak before or you feel the need to start over -- this beginning river kayaking course gives you the best possible start.

RK 120 River Kayak Training Trips Part 1
Introductory white water trips designed to provide a non-threatening, fun way to get a taste of the joys of kayaking on rivers. This is a one-day course for kayakers who have already started rolling and paddling in flat water.

RK 206 River Kayak Training Trips Part 2
Surf standing waves and feel the thrill of acceleration as you peel out across strong eddylines. This two-day course gives students the experience needed to start going on Class II white water river kayaking trips with friends and clubs.

Other Kayak Courses & Events For River Kayakers

Whitewater Events Sponsored by K.A.

Pool Practice
An informal and social practice session

RK 103 Beginning Level Eskimo Roll Training
This is a beginning rolling lesson. If you've never rolled a kayak up before or you used to be able to roll but lost it, this is the roll training for you

RK 203 Intermediate Level Kayak Roll Training
This rolling lesson is for both river and sea kayakers. You must already have about 50% success rate on your roll

RK 303 Combat Roll Training
Get your roll working when it really counts - when it's not just practice

SK 213 Tidal Rapids Training ...in Deception Pass
Apply river kayaking skills to long boats in tidal rapids! One full day of playing in the amazing tide race at Deception Pass, WA

RK 223 Ocean Surf Kayaking
Ride waves, carve turns, and learn to surf in a kayak. Surfing is the best bracing practice there is, and it's an outrageously fun time!

Wed. Evening River Trips & Flat-water Coaching
Class II whitewater trips and roll practice sessions for Kayak Academy & WKC alumni


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