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When you Buy new Kokatat Dry Suit or Drytop from Kayak Academy:

Free loaner dry suit available when send your suit to Kokatat for warranty repairs (which can take a month or more).

Free loaner dry suit while you wait for Kokatat to build you a custom sized suit or a suit on backorder.

Fast Delivery, Kayak Academy stocks more sizes, models, and colors than any other Kokatat dealer.

Fast Gasket Repair Service here in our shop. Free loaner suit available if necessary.

Guarantee Fit, expert staff will fit you for custom sizing dry suits.

Don't waste money on the wrong product! Our expert staff help you decide what is the right model for your needs.

Free drysuit care kit includes "Dry Suit Owners Guide" & essentials.

Free Shipping on all regular priced new dry suits and dry tops

No sales tax for drysuits shipped outside of Washington State.

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Kokatat was the first manufacturer to make a waterproof/breathable dry suit or dry top that worked, and Kokatat still makes the best waterproof-breathable drysuits and dry tops. It is hard to grasp the significance of Kokatat's superior quality until you've tested other brands of dry wear in the water. Lots of companies now make drysuits out of some kind of waterproof/breathable fabric (Event®, etc.) but there is a lot more to building a good, reliable dry suit than simply making it out of breathable fabric. It's the details that make a difference in how dry a dry-suit is: the choice of seam tape, the experience of the seam tape machine operator, the type of zipper, the layout of the seams, and the fit and cut of the suit. All these factors contribute to the comfort and dryness of a dry suit, and Kokatat drysuits are the best. Everyone says they have high quality, but is it just a slogan or do they really mean it? Kokatat uses the best combinations of fabrics, seam tapes, and zippers, and they can do this because: Kokatat does the most R & D work of any watersports drysuit manufacturer, they do the most field testing to find out what works and what doesn't, and they have the most up to date, best seam taping equipment in the industry. Furthermore, Kokatat has a very low employee turn-over -- so your dry suit will be cut, sewn and seam taped by a highly skilled and very experienced crew of technicians that are happy to work for Kokatat because they treat their employees well. All Kokatat dry suits are built in their own factory in the US. Most other dry suits are sub-contracted to factories in Asia where the labor is cheap, but the control of quality gets lost. We keep looking for and testing new suits and other brands to see if any meet our standards, and that just makes us more proud to offer Kokatat dry suits and dry tops because they truly are the best.

Kokatat Hydrus 3-Layer dry suits and H3L dry tops and Kokatat GoreTex® dry suits and dry-tops are warranted to the original owner for the life of the dry suit or dry top (which basically means until you've worn holes in it or otherwise worn out the drysuit or drytop -- no matter how old it is if there's ever a problem with a seam leaking or the fabric delaminating Kokatat will fix or replace it at their option for free). The only thing better than a good warrantee is never having a warranty problem/defect at all. And thanks to Kokatat's high quality and great materials and testing methods, it is vary rare to have a warranty problem with any of their dry suits or dry tops. Kokatat tests each and every new dry suit before it leaves the factory (not just a representative sample out of each batch), and Kokatat has the most rigorous leak tests of any water-sports dry suit manufacturer.

Kokatat offers the largest range of men's and women's sized dry suits of all the water-sport dry suit manufacturers and they offer custom sizing on their suits too. Kokatat also offers the greatest variety of custom options to choose from such as GoreTex® dry socks, women's Drop Seat zippers, Sleeve Pockets, Internal Suspenders, Reflective material and more. When it comes to waterproof/breathable dry socks, Kokatat has more sizes of dry socks than any other dry suit manufacturer. For information on custom options for dry suits, click here Dry suit Options.

Kokatat makes the best water sports drysuits and Kayak Academy is the best place to buy one.

To learn more about our Kokatat dry suits, see our main Dry suit information page.