Gator Patch kayak field repair kit

Gator Patch kayak field repair kit

Gator Patch kayak field repair kit

$ 59.95 USD

Be prepared for the unexpected. You may be rock gardening or landing in surf when a sharp rock punctures the hull of your kayak. For those situations, Gator Patches are a reliable product for patching holes on the beach. It even sticks to roto-molded kayaks!

Made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, these patches create a hard, stiff, durable and water tight seal when used to repair hull damage. Tape can seal a crack, but won't fix the lost stiffness; Gator Patch is good for giving structural rigidity to the damaged area. They're an all in one repair kit; once the target area has been dried, sanded and cleaned, all you need to do is apply the patch. They have one side coated with an adhesive to keep them in place while UV rays cure the patch itself in 5 - 60 minutes at room temperature, making them perfect for impromptu beach repair. Be careful though: once exposed to sunlight, they immediately begin to cure, so work fast. For best results, patch on the inside of the hull and you can touch up the gelcoat later at home. If inside patch won't work, patch on the outside and later at home you can sand and paint over it or grind it off a start over.


  • Extremely durable fiberglass-reinforced polyester patch
  • Waterproof, weather and UV resistant
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted in less than an hour (i.e. after being cured)
  • Resistant to many chemicals, solvents and oils
  • Temperature resistant from -40°F to 390°F (-40°C to 199°C)
  • No shrinkage or expansion during application or after curing
  • Bonds to all surfaces except Polypropylene (PP) -- roto-molded kayaks are Polyethylene which is okay
  • Fast curing - 5 to 60 minutes (depends on UV intensity)
  • Made in the USA

video and more information on Gator Patch you can visit this link:

Clean w/ isopropyl alcohol
Sand w/ Medium grit sandpaper
Sand using a cross hatch pattern

Remove white film on adhesive side of Gator Patch, and apply
Use your fingers or roller to press down along the entire outer edges to give patch a proper seal
5 minutes of working time in bright sunlight
Remove clear film and allow for natural Sunlight/UV Rays (Or a simple Black Light in a shop environment) to shine on Gator Patch for an hour or more. After an hour the Gator Patch may be fully cured to a 500 PSI Strength
To confirm your patch has cured, the sheen of the material will turn from glossy to a matte finish, and the edges should be completely solid. If you are able to dig your fingernails into the edge and it’s still soft, additional curing time may be needed.
If you’d like to clean up the appearance, you can sand and paint