Glacier Glove Perfect Curve Fleeced Lined

Glacier Glove Perfect Curve Fleeced Lined

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Glacier Glove Fleece Lined Perfect Curve paddling glove is the standard by which all other paddling gloves for cold weather are judged. It is fleece lined. Made of 2 mm neoprene with the bare rubber side out which gives you a better grip on a paddle and keeps your hands warmer than a glove with Lycra nylon on the outside because there is less evaporative cooling without the Lycra which soaks up water. The neoprene seams are blind stitched and glued, but we recommend reinforcing high-stress seams with Aquaseal adhesive.

Perfect Curve Fleece Lined Glacier Gloves are available in sizes that fit larger hands than any other neoprene glove. All sizes of Glacier Glove Fleece Lined Perfect Curve Gloves run a full size larger than most other brands, so guys who usually can't find gloves big enough will often find the L or XL in these fit fine, and yet they even make them in XXL (which would be like XXXL in most brands). Most women wear XS - M. If you wear a women's M then you will likely wear S. Check the sizing chart and measure around and over your knuckle fingers (not thumb) to get your size!

These paddling gloves fit best for hands with long, thin fingers.

As with all fleece-lined neoprene gloves we've tested, you'll feel slight glue lines at the seams when you first put these gloves on (because when they are made the fleece wicks up a bit of glue). However, in actual use, while paddling most people aren't bothered by the seams or glue lines. The other thing you should know about these gloves (and the same is true for all neoprene paddling gloves that grip a paddle well) is that they will show wear almost immediately because the bare neoprene on the outside abrades at wear points such as the base of the thumb and fingertips, but you can make these gloves last about twice as long if you apply a thin layer of AquaSeal Adhesive on the outside at the high wear areas before they become holes. The best time to apply the AquaSeal is after the first day of use when you can just start to see the rub spots. This is our standard advice with all neoprene gloves that grip well because all the good paddling gloves have bare neoprene on the palms.

In case you missed it, please read our Handwear Buyer's Guide before buying any paddling gloves from us. And don't bother giving us feedback about the lack of durability on your new paddling gloves.

Size chart


Sizes: XS-XXL

Color: Black w/ light tan wrist strap