Kokatat Hydrus 2.5 SeaWester Kayaking Rain and Sun Head Wear

Kokatat Hydrus 2.5 SeaWester Kayaking Rain and Sun Head Wear

$ 99.00 USD


The Kokatat Seawester is lighter and less expensive but otherwise similar to the Kokatat Nor'wester rain/sun hat. The Seawester has the classic style of a fisherman's Souwester headwear, but it is made of modern waterproof/breathable Hydrus 2.5/Tropos fabric. Mesh lining in the crown of the Seawester with a Power Dry® headband gives improved moisture transport. The brim is lengthened at the back to reach over your shoulder so water doesn't run down you neck. In the front the brim is short enough that it doesn't interfere with your vision and yet it keeps the rain off your glasses and the sun out of your eyes when the sun comes out. The SeaWester comes in two sizes, and each size has a range of adjustment thanks to a cinching system at the back of the headband for fine tuning the fit. So between the two sizes there is a Seawester to fit any hat size from XS to XXL. The cinch system also allows you to loosen the hat enough to wear a skull cap underneath for extra warmth or tighten the fit when you wear the Seawester by its self. An adjustable chin strap is included, the foam stiffener in the brim makes it float, and it is compressible so it is easy to store.


Size (adjustable): S, L

*mantis is a custom color only available at K. A.