North Water UN-Contact Tow

North Water UN-Contact Tow

$ 59.00 USD


Contrary to it's name, this is an adjustable length contact tow with side release buckle for quick disconnect separation. Maximum length is 5'.

We recommend cutting off the neoprene wrap and stowing on kayak's front deck by winding from side to side while clipping into your perimeter lines. 


5' (60") of C277 nad C253 1" (25mm) high visibility nylon webbing.

  • Attaches to deck lines for your Kayak 
  • Stores in a deck
  • Corrosion resistant 310 stainless steel keyhole carabiners and an adjustable side release buckle make an elegant solution for:
    • Contact towing
    • Leashing together rafting kayaks
    • Attaching to a dock
    • An emergency paddle leash during a rescue
  • High visibility yellow nylon webbing.