NRS Fuse Gloves

NRS Fuse Gloves

$ 33.00 USD


Looking for extra warmth and blister protection for cool-weather paddling? NRS Fuse Gloves deliver lightweight neoprene insulation with a slender fit and decent grip.

  • 1 mm neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium provides just a bit of warmth for cooler paddling days (not enough for cold days though).
  • Silicone pattern on the palm provides a just enough grip on paddles and oars.
  • Pairing snaps on the wrist help keep the gloves together.

Like all good paddling gloves, the neoprene palms will wear out quickly, but that is the price you pay for a glove that works well for kayaking. As with all good paddling gloves we recommend armoring them with a thin film of Aquaseal in the high wear areas and the seams at the tips of the fingers after the first day or two of use (as soon as you can see some abrasion in the crotch of the thumb etc.). This will about double the life of the gloves.