Werner Powerhouse, River Kayak Paddle with large-sized conventional blades

Werner Powerhouse, River Kayak Paddle with large-sized conventional blades

$ 260.00 USD

Brief Description

The Powerhouse is the biggest of Werner's two solid laminate conventional (not "down turned") white water paddle blades. Its size (comparable to the Sidekick in surface area) is best for large framed aggressive kayakers who weigh about 190 lbs or more.

Some river runners (especially those using Small Inflatable Kayaks) still prefer the conventional shape of the Power House (as opposed to "down turned blades"), but where it really shines is for ocean surf kayaking. When you're carving across a big ocean surf wave, the velocity of the water relative to you and your kayak is much greater than it is on any standing wave you can catch on a river. When ruddering with your paddle, the forces involved don't simply go up in proportion to the water's relative velocity, they go up by the square of it! When ruddering with a down turned blade, the forces near the tip of the blade are offset from the blade's center line and so they tend flatten the paddle out into a low brace. When surfing standing waves, the relative velocity is low enough that this effect is negligible, but when zooming down a big, fast ocean wave, this force can be so great that it is hard to keep the paddle from spinning in your hand. With conventional shaped blades like the Powerhouse, this isn't a problem because the forces on the blade (when ruddering) are more in line with the center of the blade.

Detailed Description

If you can only afford one paddle and you want to use it for both river and surf kayaking, choose the Powerhouse (or it's smaller sibling, the Sherpa).

The Powerhouse is available in carbon or fiberglass. Carbon paddles are lighter, but they are also stiffer and less durable. For most people, Werner's fiberglass white water paddles are stiff enough, and anything stiffer just means more shock transmitted to your body. So we offer the carbon Powerhouse by special order only (for those who are sure they want it).

The Powerhouse is available in standard and small shaft diameters, but we wouldn't recommend the small shaft option for the Powerhouse. For most people (men and women), even the standard shaft is too small and they do well to build it up with after-market grip tape etc. The small shaft option is for people who have a trouble finding gloves small enough to fit their hands (XS and smaller glove size); if that's not you, get the standard shaft size. If your hands are small enough to justify the small shaft option, then the Powerhouse probably isn't the right size blade for you.


Blade dimensions: 48cm x 19.5cm, 720sq.cm

Weight for glass 197cm: 1-pc straight shaft = 964g

Fiberglass: Red blades/black shaft

Available (by special order) in your choice of: carbon laminate, 1-piece straight shaft, 1-piece neutral bent shaft

Standard lengths are:

194cm, 197cm, 200cm, 203cm, 206cm (available by special order from 188cm - 206cm in 3cm increments, and longer lengths available for small inflatable kayak use)