Skeg Kayak Aft-most Float Bag (for use behind skeg box in sea kayaks)

Skeg Kayak Aft-most Float Bag (for use behind skeg box in sea kayaks)

$ 39.50 USD


These Float Bags are the ideal size to use behind the skeg box in sea kayaks with skegs. When the rear hatch is empty, use this plus a larger float bag under the rear hatch in front of the skeg box to complete the flotation for the stern of the kayak (a third float bag is needed for the bow). You may even be able to leave this float bag in place on short camping trips if you don't need to store gear behind your skeg.

Note: All sea kayaks should be equipped with back-up buoyancy (two forms of flotation in both ends). Float bags inside bulkhead compartments create a backup flotation system in case a hatch leaks (implosion in surf, operator error in sealing hatch lid, hatch rim leak, bulkhead leak, collision -- damage/hole in kayak hull, etc.). These scenarios are uncommon, but without back up buoyancy they are catastrophic. Adding float bags inside your hatches is cheap insurance.

We sell these skeg float bags in two sizes.


When inflated, the small bag is about the size of an American football and the large one is about 6" longer. Generally the small bag is best for kayaks under 17' and the large bag is for kayaks over 17', but either bag will work in any size skeg kayak and any flotation is better than none.

Made of Vinyl

Color: Silver

Weight: 5-6oz.

Dimensions when inflated:

Low - Med. Volume: 16" x 9" (41 cm x 23 cm)

High Volume:           24" x 10" (61 cm x 25 cm)